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We have developed the Indian Swingers Party portal as a comprehensive resource for swingers throughout India. This platform provides extensive information about every Swingers Party, all Swingers Clubs, and every Swingers Social event across different regions. It's designed to facilitate easy access to event details, locations, and social gatherings for the swinging community.

We need your help!. We are based in Spain. We have created this site because every day we get requests for details of parties and clubs in India. We do not know where these events will be held unless you tell us.

This service is free; if you are holding a swingers event, or if you know where there is a club or party, please send us an email with the details. We will then publish the details on the site.

We cannot manage or host parties for you. If you want to host a party yourself please read the page "How do I host a party?"

Enjoy the site, Enjoy the swinging, and Enjoy the freedom of a swinging lifestyle

Why do People Swing?

There are hundreds of different reasons why people join the swinging lifestyle.

Whatever the reason, for the majority of people who swing, the Swinging Lifestyle is beneficial to their health and happiness.

Are single men allowed?

Every party and club is different. You will need to read the details about the party to find out if each party or club allows single men.

Please read the information on the page "Single Men" for advice on how to do well in the Swinging Lifestyle.

Are there age limits?

The minimum age limit in most clubs and parties is 18, there is no upper age limit.

Swingers come in all ages, all shapes and all levels of society. There is very little discrimination in the Swinging Lifestyle.

Swingers Events

Swingers clubs, Parties, Socials and Holidays are a great way to meet new swinging friends.

  • Swingers Parties

    Swingers Parties are typically held in a private home or hotel. The hosts can decide to run the event for free, or charge a fee to cover expenses. They also choose who can attend.

  • Swinging Clubs

    Swingers Clubs are just like a night club, except they have bedrooms for people to go and "Play". There is always a charge to attend a swingers club.

  • Swingers Socials

    Swingers Socials are social meetings usually held in a bar or restaurant. These events are for people interested in Swinging to meet like minded people.

  • Swingers Holidays

    A Swingers Holiday is a great way to meet other couples and singles knowing that they share your interest in swinging, check this site for holidays around the world.

Swingers Lifestyle Ads

If you want to meet other swinging couples and single try our swingers contacts, create a profile and start swinging today.